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11 October 2010 @ 10:44 am
So some of you know me and some of you might not know me all that much anymore, but I like to read. And I'm not discriminatory about my material either. I have been spending some time, effort, and money in buying comics. In fact at my local comic book store I am 'annoying girl who asks for Chew #11 and #12.' I have a cubby there! I'm established :D

So this morning over cereal before work I finished DV8 Gods and Monsters #4. I must say, I am quite smitten with this little story arc. I can't quite say the series though. Let me explain.

The 90's were very cruel to the comic book industry. Rob Liefeld probably didn't help that cause. After reading the first 2 issues to DV8 Gods and Monsters I wasn't all that surprised that this was already a series. I was surprised to learn that it was related to Gen13. When I went on my vacation to Ann Arbor, I managed to pick up issue #4 as well as DV8 issue #0. Most #0's are origin stories and are all very insteresting. And since I was falling in love with these characters and I was already engaged to origin stories in general, I figured the $2.99 was worth it.

#0 suffers from being a comic in the 90's. Everyone's proportions are right, but they're all ridiculous. Big boobs, big muscles, skimpy outfits all around. And don't get me started on the colors. I didn't even know there was such a thing as neon teal. The story is fine as well. Its just that the 90's weren't the time for high story telling or even good art. It was the time for X-Men to pull marketing stunts, Batman to jump sharks, and Image comics to go through puberty.

But Gods and Monsters is such a good example of what the 2000's did to the comic industry. It basically said 'come with me and take my hand. I will walk you through this tough time and teach that it's okay to have standards. Its okay to be a well conceived story with amazing art work. You can push boundaries and 4th walls. Its okay.'

So what is it about Gods and Monsters that I like? Well, the foundation is solid. The story is good. Really, the premise of DV8 is 'what if a bunch of sociopaths had super powers?' And the premise (so far to me anyways) of Gods and Monster is 'what if we put them in an impressionable civilization?' Hilarity and profit ensues. Well not so much hilarity as in flaming fits of rage and awesome! So the story = solid.

But here's where my hard on for comics really comes into play. Art work. Is it the pencils by Rebekah Isaacs, who has a soft hand and a real talent for conveying emotion? Or her amazing ability to tell a story, with or without words, through composition alone? How about Carrie Strachan, the colorist? While Issacs has beautiful artwork, Strachan brings it to fucking life. Her colors are subtle, which makes the strangeness and intensity of the story all the more bizarre and just plain uncomfortable. In a good way.

And now, if I'm being honest, the thing that drew me in and keeps me coming back is Fiona Staples. Who is she? Well she's the cover artist of course! Yeah I know its kind of lame to like a comic for the cover, but the comic is good. It was just one of those wonderful moments where I saw the awesome cover, read it, and said 'oh thank god that this is up to par with the cover work.' Because I've seen and read comics that had amazing covers and just couldn't match up to the expectations that artwork builds. So kudos to Ms Staples.

As a side note: I think its some kind of awesome that all the artists working on this happen to be women. I don't like it because they are women, mind you. That just happened to be a happy accident.

Lastly, I am also reading the first Temprence Brennan book: Deja Dead. The titles only get worse from here on out.

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07 October 2010 @ 09:23 am
So like a man whore who spreads his seed around the town, I have blogs on the internet. I have two at Xanga. I have probably 3 at Blogspot. Hell I probably have another one here. But I've never really used LJ for anything other than commentary for Sunshine and Happiness. When I do post for that, every so often I want to get a premium membership. Just for the extra user icons. Thats. . . that's pretty dumb.

So I'm going to start blogging here a bit more. I'm actually going to try to get into the community a bit. This is probably an empty goal with little to no motivation other than an excuse for something I'm barely going to use, but what the hell. Why not. Maybe I'll get a larger readership this way. We'll see.
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19 December 2008 @ 03:28 am
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11 June 2008 @ 07:04 pm

Got an idea for a comic. . . like pro comic that I'm doing with my fabulous (said in an incredibly gay manner) crowquill pen. It will have to wait for now for there are things I must do over the summer artistically. A quick list cause I have to go soon:

-cosplay: markesh, retrab, and the ancient minister oh and vexen's shield as a commish
-comic: SaH
-actual art: I have been commisioned to draw this one lady's picture of her doggies. Its a welsh corgie. V. cute ^^ 


17 May 2008 @ 05:34 am
I've certainly been posting a lot tonight haven't I?

Well more things have developed (other than art) that I feel I must put down.

Okay so I go to Tim Horton's a lot. I used to go to the one by my house but since I've been crashing at 297a I've started heading out to the one on E. Henrietta or whatever that road is called. Jefferson. . . . the Tim Horton's by the Wegmans.

Anyways, me, Rob, Steve, and Forkl are known by the staff. They like us b/c we keep their otherwise dull night with entertainment and we provide them cash in exchange for food. Which is always a plus. So the workers there are this one girl who refers to us as the 3 little pigtails (a 'band' name b/c the boys. . . er. . . well males within the group come in wearing their hair in pigtails), this one nerdy kid who fucks up from time to time, and a friend of Steve's known as Eric, who will make fun of me for being the only girl. . . er. . . externally girl within the group.

So I just went out to get me a large iced coffee b/c they start serving breakfast at 5am and Eric was working the drive thru. I pulled up and he asked 'hey where are your friends?'

"Oh well one got drunk off his ass (forkl), one goes to bed earlier than the others (rob) and steve's at this quaker thing."

"And your boyfriend?"

"Heh, I don't have one."

"Oh and why not? Hang on" *talks to customer* "Why not?"

"Long story. . . I make people cry."

"Huh, well are you busy later today?"

And that's how I ended up giving some random guy my number through a drive thru and will now end up going to see Narnia with him and his high friend tonight. Funny how things turn out huh?

Side note: he made it clear that he was not trying to pick me up and I can see his intentions are purely friendly. . . . I probably look like a mopey sob b/c I've been up all night doing next to nothing/pretending to work on my final.
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17 May 2008 @ 04:53 am
Free Korean MMORPG that is uber pretty and a fun system to play for the PC. It has terrific graphics, a decent 'storyline' (if there is such thing as a story line in MMO's) and a kick ass soundtrack.

Ooooo yeah, the soundtrack makes me wet all over baby. It has classical themes and techno beats. If you know ANYTHING about me, you know that's what I like. Its like it was made for my ears. *melt*

. . . okay I really really need to stop procrastinating now.  . . . after I get my breakfast/coffee.
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17 May 2008 @ 03:34 am
So yeah, I created a community for my comic. Why? B/c I'm procrastinating, der!

Also a side note: I really really really miss Dingbat. Like a lot. I realized today, if not for her, I would not be alive today. mmm. . . .

I should get back to work now. Yeah, that'd be a good idea.
11 September 2005 @ 10:38 pm
This is my first entry. . . whoo. . . I was asked so I decided to make one just to say, yes I have one.

Right now I am listening to Mononoke Hime. . . really loudly. Tis much fun. There is green paint on my finger and I'm not ready to clean out my paint wheel just yet. Yes my life. . . is a little boring right now.

Oh and I figured out my roommate is a conservative. . . Bush supporter and Yankee fan in one @_@ I think I also creeped her out when explaining why I was all for the gay rights. . . its understandable. . . I just hope she doesn't want to go running for the hills. I mean. . . I have DOD so I don't need a girl XP

And that was my quick ass first entry.